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Come prepared!


Even in Summer our weather is very unpredictable! So dressing for every occasion is very important. In addition to the chance of a torrential downpour on a sunny day passengers need to be aware that it can feel up to 10 degrees colder on the water than on the shore. We recommend warm layers and a full set of waterproofs just in case.

Our recommendations on what to bring and not to bring is below



* Warm layers


* Waterproofs (We have a couple of spare coats just in case)


* Warm socks and sensible footwear. (No high heels)


* A camera or camera phone with plenty memory and fully charged! 

* Binoculars if you have them. (Available on board if you don’t have your own)


* Sun glasses and sun cream! Yes Sun cream! Even if you stay under the shade of the roof you'll catch the sun because water reflects UVs!

*You may want to bring a non-alcoholic drink, especially for the longer trips.


What not to bring:


* Lots of baggage, please bring only what you need for the trip.

*Alcohol (Alcohol and boats are not a safe combination)


* Your pets! (If you need a pet sitter, Donna can care for well behaved dogs in the Centre)



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