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Marine Wildlife Centre


Our Marine Wildlife Information Centre can be found at the end of the harbour road by the pier. It is an information, education and research centre welcome to all. We have numerous displays on the the local Marine wildlife including where you are likely to see them from the shoreline to the Maerl beds of the deeper water of the Loch and the out into the Very deep waters of the Minch. Our Ocean Plastics display shows the devastating effect plastic can have on our marine environment and includes items found by our visitors while visiting local beaches.


We have numerous bones in the centre including the jaw and vertebrae of a Minke Whale, the Skull of a Long-finned Pilot Whale, various other cetacean bones and teeth and a number of skulls and Bird feet. Our visitor centre is open to local schools and groups who come for education sessions on the local marine life and it can even be arranged for some live invertebrate specimens to make an appearance!


Our Wildlife Information Centre boasts a large window on the back with views over towards Badachro and and the Island of Horrisdale. On fine weather days visitors are welcome to go through to the large viewing deck on the back of the centre which gives panoramic views down the Loch towards Kerrysdale and Froach Island. We have scopes and binoculars that visitors are welcome to use to do a little wildlife spotting from the viewing deck, Common Terns, Herring Gulls, Black-backed Gulls, Oystercatchers, Greylag Geese, Mallards and Eider ducks nest on the inner islands. Otters and Pine Martens have been seen around the shoreline and Seals and Porpoises can sometimes be seen in the water behind the Centre, dolphins and even a Minke Whale and Leather-back Turtle have been spotted from our deck!!


Passengers who have dogs and are unable to find alternative arrangements for their care while out on the boat PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN YOUR CAR! Donna is able to care for dogs in the centre. Dogs will have access to water and given plenty of attention. Well behaved dogs will be attached to a long leash allowing them to be inside and to access to the balcony outside and we have a large crate for more boisterous dogs

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