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Gairloch Marnie Life Centre and Cruises Research 


Gairloch Marine Life Centre has been conducting cetacean surveys in the coastal waters around Gairloch since 1989. Regularly sighted cetaceans include Minke whale - Balaenoptera acutorostrata, Harbour porpoise - Phocoena phocoena, Common dolphin - Delphinus delphis.


Recorded Sightings 


Throughout every cruise we are constantly collecting data, recording our route and environmental data such as water temperature, depth and wind conditions. Other information such as weather, sea conditions, number of passengers etc. is also noted. When whales and dolphins are encountered the species, number and behaviour pattern is recorded.


This recording of information has resulted in a huge database of sightings and supporting environmental information. This data is then analysed to investigate how the whales and dolphins are distributed throughout the survey area and to highlight important areas for feeding and breeding. Constant monitoring of our survey area is essential for conservation. It provides information required for protecting animals and habitats against harmful activities such as noise pollution.



Sea Watch Foundation 


As the Regional Coordinator for North-West Scotland, over many years we have regularly contributed sightings data  to Sea Watch Foundation. Throughout our survey cruises we encourage the public to take part in recording and reporting cetacean sightings.  We have forged strong links with Sea Watch Foundation and we are accredited by them as operating in a responsible manner that minimises disturbance to the animals. By booking your trip us you will contribute to the cetacean monitoring efforts carried out by Sea Watch Foundation


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